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animation director


  • Zuzu & The Supernuffs (TV Series)

    • ​"Are You a Nuff?"

    • "Splurkle Busters"

    • "A Not So Sirius Party"

    • "The Great Mind Swapple"

    • "Mt Vesirius"

    • "Let There Be Life"

    • "Buffnuff's Super Buff Up"

    • "An Ancient Sirius Story"



Double Happy VS The Infinite Sadness is owned by 2xCUBE

Baba Village is owned by BABA VILLAGE PRODUCTIONS

Zuzu & The Supernuffs is owned by Matchbox Pictures



  • Heaven Inc. (2016)

    • "Teaser"​

  • Baba Village (formally Babasheep)

    •  "Promotional Short Pilot"


  • Double Happy VS The Infinite Sadness (Webseries)

    • ​"Musical Hares"

    • "Butterfly Defect"

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